Qualification is not a hurdle!


Now it is the case that you have to achieve a certain qualification in many athletic competitions in order to be admitted at the start. It's different with life with God. The "Resume" that he wants to see is not dependent on benefits.

God says

"Run for me!"


You must give your best, no more is required than what you can give: yourself as you are!


Here sport is no longer enough to describe what God wants from mankind:

He simply invites to a life with him, and demands nothing more than:

"I'm there, and I'll do what I can."

The life path, the resume with God is no elimination competition in which only the best progress.


So is our motto:

No preliminary decisions, no qualifications, just join in, have fun and show what you can!





Masters 40+

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Dance ' N ' Pole

Exotic beginners

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Double Beginners

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